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The Lyric Jungle
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Written October 1999. Oh so long ago.  Siobhan never plays this song in concert.  It's a dust-collector.

Heard you keep missing your calling
Never called me much anyhow
How you like your only talent of stalling?
It's the Loser Play! Take your bow!

Someone said you bit the bullet
And bit that chip off your shoulder
Well, every action has it's fee
Let me tell you better you than me!

When you ever gonna learn you're atop every bridge you ever burned?

Getting pretty sly with that Judas Kiss
And it's showing on your pretty face
Face crumpled like a no-good canvas
You're the hare in your loser race.

Hit the dirt, stayed down there
Looking down with that ever-vacant stare
Is your glass permanently half-empty?
Like I said, better you than me

When you ever gonna find the needle in the hay ain't paying you no mind?

Heard you're chronically stoned
Too buzzed to feel friends circle and stone you
Circling down, that why you haven't phoned?
Dizzy Man with the same no-new view

Milked anything you had for awhile
Stole milk like it was going out of style
Didn't your mama tell you nothing's for free?
She didn't? Well, better you than me!

When you ever gonna see every shadow you own is your enemy?