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The Lyric Jungle
Mind Done Run
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Mind Done Run
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Tell-tale Sign
There, There

Written January 2002.
She had the funniest face you ever did see,
she looked in the mirror defensively.
She tied her shoelaces together when she wasn't looking at her feet,
and trip and fall and scream "Conspiracy!"

Tied feed can't run,
but she'd be lost without them.

Run, wild mind, run, run.
Wild mind, look what you've done
when you run
mind done run

She was stuck at the head of her bed,
sure that the monster underneath wasn't in her head.
And she wouldn't even dangle her feet
cuz she thought monsters thought achilles heels taste so sweet.

Walking from heel to toe
ain't gonna work no more.

Run, wild mind, run.
Wild mind, look what you've done
when you run, run run
mind done run

She had the funniest friends you ever could meet,
she thought every hug was a sign she would lose her seat.
And every pat on the back never meant "how ya doin'"
it was just a code of how they were plotting her ruin.

Outlook ain't sunny.
Ain't her friends funny?

Run, wild mind, run
Wild mind, look what you've done
when you run run run
mind done run
mind done run

run run run run run run run run run run run....