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The Lyric Jungle
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Written October 2005.  Money ain't easy to come by in NYC.  As evidenced in this song.

Can you believe this shit?

Look what’s in my wallet:

Saved mementos of mine,

A couple of dimes,

A movie stub from our first date,

A license from another state,

A CPR card to use at will—

But no fuckin dollar bills!


I thought being a grown up

Was being able to afford stuff, so


I might deal drugs oh oh

I might deal drugs


A golden ticket in a chocolate bar,

Bob Barker yelling, “you got a new car!”

A “Silver Spoons” train going through the living room—

Somehow I thought I’d get that shit too

But like George Bailey said:

I’m worth less alive than dead.

MBNA don’t want the former

They’re prob’ly plotting my murder.


Need to collect cans from the trash

To build a coin stash or


I might deal drugs oh oh

I might deal drugs oh oh


And it might be just money, honey

but ain't it funny, honey?

That I need a Medici family?


When the rapper Ice-T said:

“It’s about the dope and dead presidents”

I never understood what he meant,

But now it’s starting to make sense.

A metro card costs two dollars?

This city’s got me by the collar.

When people talk about 401-Ks

I make sure to look the other way.


The world’s oldest profession now don’t seem out of the question.


I might deal drugs

I might deal drugs

I might deal drugs

Money issues suck.