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The Lyric Jungle
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Avenue C is on the east side of Manhattan.  Strange place.  This song was written in October 2003.

You can drag me bound

and bound for Avenue B,

but no matter how tight I will bite off those binds

and break free before we reach Avenue C

(Avenue C)


The place you never were free

Fourteen blocks it stretches 'til it gets to Con Ed

Gentrified trees, evened

Dreams didn't catch us, they fell off your roof

Onto concrete

(right on concrete)



You wanna be like 4th Avenue

And stick around for a while

And wake up, and break up, and maybe take up

your bike til it goes for a ride

(to the West Side)


You were as high as hell

Which is an oxymoron, but whatever, I knew you well

You were higher than the trees

But you couldn't get high enough to break clean from Avenue C

(Avenue C)


You drugs were shooting blanks

As you drank in a dive with Julian Casablancas

But the stars were never your style

You needed a dark, unstarry sky to keep up that high

(To keep that high)





Buried yourself like a seed 'cause the streets covered in concrete

Buried yourself like a seed 'cause ya cant grow beneath concrete


The sidewalks must never have dried

Cuz your shoes stuck in your footprints for a long while

But those marks show you where you are

On Avenue C you can't get too far

Can't escape that far


So you can drag me boxed and bound

And bound for Avenue B

But no matter how tight, I will bite off those binds

And break free before Avenue C

Won't see me at Avenue C

(uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh)