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The Lyric Jungle
I'll Take It Sitting Down
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There, There

The fastest lyrics in the West!
Written July 2000.

        There is something to be said of silence,
        where closed lips and tongues bit lead to no sign of violence.
        Are you thinking of someone else? Or just yourself?
        I know for myself, I put myself back up on the shelf.
        If I retrace my steps of the last month or so,
        I wouldn't have far to go,
        I've been chair bound, made no footprints,
        sittin' 's been my only stint.
        If you retrace your steps back to me, I can almost guarantee,
        I won't get up (I've been so down),
        This chair has got the best of me.

        I'll take it sitting down.
        I'm the champ at backing down.
        Just back, just back, I'll back, I'll back down.

        If you wanna hang up the gloves first, well clearly you know me worst,
        hate to make your bubble burst but giving up's my greatest curse.
        Can't duck punches in an idle chairs--hooks and jabs?
        Now, that ain't fair.
        The ring's been dark for some time
       This fighter 's lost her will to try..
        Sip my mixed drink of nostalgia and alcohol,
        where I swill like it's Last Call, these drunken hopes grow too damn tall.
        So I'll wear my hungover shades (as I'm prone to do these days) 
        Hide my blue eyes getting blue, giving nothing away to you.

        These Changes come so slow. So slow.
        Where it takes the sun a hundred steps to make a shadow. (One Damn Shadow)

        I'll take it sitting down.
        I'm the champ at backing down.
        Just back, just back, I'll back down. Down down down.

        I was never too good at putting up fronts--maybe that's why my back got the
        brunt of a crazy hit and run, pancaked, I guess I'm done.
        Mowed down by a clown car of down feelings, 
        sadness sure ain't ceasing, hiding Bozos in the ceiling.
        So I'll play solitaire--with only 51 cards there!!
        Never said I wouldn't feel hard,  my frown is in that Joker card.
        Need an 8th wind or a 9th life, if I had a feline-like mind,
        or had faith in second chances,
        try-agains and slow last dances.

        Slow last dances. Low last dances.
        No last chances. Slowed down chances.

        I'll take this sitting down.
        I'm the champ at backing down.
        Just back, just back, I'll back down.

Do you see me standing up?  NO??  It's cuz I'm sitting down