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The Lyric Jungle
Slips My Mind
A Future Me
Avenue C'd
Belly Under
Better You Than Me
Brilliant Petty Crime
Built Like Switzerland
Come To Cleveland
Diamonds are Forever (and so are Grudges)
Dress Down
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Fool Girl Parade
From What is Good
The Fundy Bay Forecast
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It's Not Yesterday
Just Four Times More
Make Do
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Mind Done Run
Mouth the Words
Nothin' Too Special
Opaquer Place
Planet Placement
Rubber Souled Shoes
Science Can't Be Coy
Shamrock Days
Shenandoah Waltz
Slips My Mind
Something to Unleash
Squinting Optometrist
Stump House Thanks Song
Tell-tale Sign
There, There

Written May 2001.   Has anyone ever put on different costumes to try and fool you?  I thought so.  Well, this song is about that.  It also opens "Permanent Markers".

A man enters with a fake handlebar moustache and a camel hair coat and as half his 'stache unglues and falls slowly he admits it's a faux. He says this disguise should remind of me a road I once wrote on: a road that could've gone on and on, a road I couldn't break a run on, so instead I'd walk real slow. He says I walked like a china cup in a bull shop--on the brink of being broke, trying to break a bull code, walked as if already broken.

I said: You must've slipped my mind.
You won't ring a bell this time..
You must've slipped my mind.

A man re-enters with a bottle in his hand and knee-deep in snow boots .  He says these props should ring a bell of when me and the snow fell (I tripped)-- (the bottle began to drip). Held up that bottle as proof. He says I thought I fucked things up when I sipped flat Pepsi from a Dixie Cup and I should've known I was doing fine but a Dixie cup needs red wine.

I said: You must've slipped my mind.
You ain't gonna ring a bell this time.
You must've slipped my mind.

No one's a shoe-in in this memory.
No one's a shoe-in in my memory.

A man re-re-enters with two rubber hands and says these should do the
trick--to re-touch my mind, re-bang my brain, make my memory re-tick.

I say: But the past is mine to pick.
The past is mine to pick.

You must've slipped my mind.
You ain't gonna ring a bell this time.
You must've slipped my--you're gonna slip my--you have slipped my mind.