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There, There

Siobhan's first (real) song!
Written June 1999.

Both sides of the street are so hazy to me
Once straight, yellow lines waver 'neath my Sucker Feet
Well, I'm up so high cuz I won First Prize
For believing the truth within your lies

My smile is set in stone
As I ride to fetch your lying bone
Guess your bark is less than your bite
Chalk one up to the Fool Girl Plight

You can't undo the deal you made
Forced me on the float of the Fool Girl Parade
But when the crowds' cheers lull and fade
You won't remember where I lay

The Sidewalk Kids laugh at the joke I've become
There's bruises on my skin, and my hair's come undone
Marching band repeats the same set song
Then I laugh when I realize I belong

My crown is falling, I dream you're calling
I'm stuck in my own skin
But how long can I keep this up
Before this end can begin?


The pick-up truck is losing gas fast
And somehow I knew you'd be the last I'd pass
When I raise my hand to say goodbye
Something else has caught your eye