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The Lyric Jungle
It's Not Yesterday
A Future Me
Avenue C'd
Belly Under
Better You Than Me
Brilliant Petty Crime
Built Like Switzerland
Come To Cleveland
Diamonds are Forever (and so are Grudges)
Dress Down
Due Course
Every Horse
False Start
Fool Girl Parade
From What is Good
The Fundy Bay Forecast
Heartland, Heartburn
I'll Take It...
I Might Have to....
Two-Toned Gallery
In With The Old
It's Not Yesterday
Just Four Times More
Make Do
Makeshift Grounds
Mind Done Run
Mouth the Words
Nothin' Too Special
Opaquer Place
Planet Placement
Rubber Souled Shoes
Science Can't Be Coy
Shamrock Days
Shenandoah Waltz
Slips My Mind
Something to Unleash
Squinting Optometrist
Stump House Thanks Song
Tell-tale Sign
There, There

Written August 1999.

There's no sense in being loyal if it's loyal to a memory.  If i watch your cold pot not boil, I'll flee this one-way street.  Look back less with every mile, care less of what was "supposed to be".  There is nothing like denial to blur your periphery.

Conscious effort to forget
You've already done so, I'll bet
Matters little anymore
Nothing's worse than the day before

It's not Yesterday
(and that makes it better)
It's not Yesterday
(so I should feel better)
It's not Yesterday
Can't really say I enjoyed my stay in
Pluck these whiskers one by one--beaty eyes'll turn back to blue. My role as pack rat now is done I'll pick up my self-inflicted cue .  Souvenirs that line these shelves prove of warnings I didn't heed.  Knick-knacks purged from former selves, so long to this menagerie!

Done with wantin' back trackin'
Done with thinkin' cul-de-sac-ian
Doesn't matter anymore
Can't be worse than the day before


Here lies the half packed mem'ry tray thinking if it's time to think twice.  Straddled 'tween safe and uncertainty where nostalgia becomes a vice.  The quicker I fly, the slower I'll go.  Take my rest, then let it be.  Curtain's closing on this show--Well here I am and Here I Be.

Why defend your memory If you can't be nice to me?
Time to negate what was, Doesn't matter just because.....


hell, it ain't yesterday

i'll be on my way