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The Lyric Jungle
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Something to Unleash
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There, There

Written Dec. 1999.   In Dublin, Ireland.  Often referred to as "That Dog Song".

This should be simple, this should be easy
Maybe I'm just getting lazy
But I plan to cross the line
This beast is on your side

Simple yank on fate, maybe manipulate
On hind-legs I sit and wait
You gotta come on down
We'll both make this yelping sound

I've made our minds up
You must give up
The dogs will catch up
So, heel, roll over, my little pup

You've been the victim of hot pursuit
Memorized the footprints of your boot
Don't be afraid of the shadowed sleuth
She's just collecting her proof

You scared of the snarling in the dark,
The sound again of that asking bark?
Who could make such a sound?
Turn on the lights and look around

Going out on a limb again
'til the wind kicks in, the branch has broke again
I was ready for this fall
Ready to hit another wall

Use this twig as a divining rod
Lead me to the watered-down place where you are
Dog-paddle back to land
My feet ain't moving from this sand

There must be something to unleash
Your unfreeing wears us each

(I'm not losing track if you get off track, my army protects your back
I'm never gone for long, your instincts are never wrong)