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The Lyric Jungle
Come To Cleveland
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Come To Cleveland
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Tell-tale Sign
There, There

Written September 2002.

In about ten minutes. Fifteen, tops.
He says, "Come to Cleveland",
but he won't tell me when his car is leaving.
(his car is leaving, yeah)
He says he's like an open wound,
but he can't tell if he's still bleeding or he's healing
(if he's bleeding or he's healing)

Oh, Cleveland won't make that right.
Oh, Cleveland, can't go tonight.

He collects decanters of brandy
and says cigarettes are his only candy
(his only candy)
He says brandy tastes better in Cleveland,
he's breathing in ash and then
he blows it towards the ceiling
(ash is falling from the ceiling)
(I am falling from the ceiling)

Oh, Cleveland won't make this right
Oh, Cleveland won't make him right

He says leaving here feels like cheating
But I have got a two-timing city feeling

He says he's out for the greater good
but then beats up guys in his neighborhood
(his neighborhood, yeah)
He says he'll act kinder in Cleveland
then ashes on the floor as if
even he don't believe it
(even he dont' believe it)
(even he don't believe)

Oh, Cleveland won't make things right
Oh, Cleveland just ain't right
right right right
it ain't right
right right right