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Was this song ever written?
It has collected dust since it's inception.
Maybe someday it will be unearthed.
This song gets the superlative:
Most Schizophrenic Song (in Terms of Music Styles)
Written September 1999.

Sink or swim time, six o'clock sun sits on down
Suitcases closing, feet start hitting the ground
Bait-eaters swim to reflected, dusky day
Getting lined in is the compass to point fishies on their way
Remedy for remnants is to bring 'em for the ride
"Hitchhikers welcome" (she called) to hear her echo in the sky

Anchor chain lowers-girl get on that boat!
Train whistle blows-boy you gotta go!
Destination calling, all aboard, you know
Fly the way of the crow

Every horse has its rhythm
Each mare has her way
The stall doors will open
And hooves canter away

"Without us", she said, "no mule will stay alive"
"World-weary woman", muttered the fella to her side
Every dell proved that far's closer than near
Began believing their elders who called this stretch the Trail of Tears
They thought how they'd be missed by just the dust
No one is sacred in this yearly exodus


City limits--no more hummin' "Homeward Bound"
Shotgun seater shushed for specificity's last sound

Boomerang beat ain't keeping time no more
It's on a one-way route to the shore
Ain't coming back no more
Ain't coming back no more

The hindland seemed to relish their absence
Though she and he kept thinking in past tense
In the rearview's a scene of stumbling tumbleweed
Gawking is a no-no, bridge troll's asking for his fee

pre-Chorus/ Chorus