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The Lyric Jungle
Built Like Switzerland
A Future Me
Avenue C'd
Belly Under
Better You Than Me
Brilliant Petty Crime
Built Like Switzerland
Come To Cleveland
Diamonds are Forever (and so are Grudges)
Dress Down
Due Course
Every Horse
False Start
Fool Girl Parade
From What is Good
The Fundy Bay Forecast
Heartland, Heartburn
I'll Take It...
I Might Have to....
Two-Toned Gallery
In With The Old
It's Not Yesterday
Just Four Times More
Make Do
Makeshift Grounds
Mind Done Run
Mouth the Words
Nothin' Too Special
Opaquer Place
Planet Placement
Rubber Souled Shoes
Science Can't Be Coy
Shamrock Days
Shenandoah Waltz
Slips My Mind
Something to Unleash
Squinting Optometrist
Stump House Thanks Song
Tell-tale Sign
There, There

Oh, just another song about journalism.  There's just too many of those, isn't there?

Finished my story and now it heads to the hot presses
Wish I could’ve re-fact-checked all my second guesses

If you had to write the same story from the same facts that were given me

Would yours read like mine or like one of them op-ed pieces?


But it’s hard to not let the bias seep in

Cuz we humans weren’t built like Switzerland


My byline has the same ring, the same facts, like the story’s been frozen cold

When the headlines hit the stand tomorrow, they’ll read “SAME OLD, SAME OLD”


But it’s hard to not let the bias seep in

Cuz we humans weren’t built like Switzerland


And the subscribers may roll their eyes

Another man, holding up a girl, in disguise

But I’ll be damned if I can’t stop it

He wasn’t available for comment


If you write a take on my take of trying to write with a neutral take,

Make sure you say my heart feels so leaden, I fear my pencil may break


And maybe I wasn’t made for this journalism shit

Cuz you and everyone know how I feel about it

But it’s hard to not let the bias bleed and seep in

Cuz we humans sure as hell weren’t built like Switzerland

not enough attention is paid to switzerland.