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The Lyric Jungle
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There, There

This is another one of those Collecting Dusts songs.
Siobhan doesn't even remember how to play this.
Written in Dublin, December 1999.

If a tree falls in an empty forest,
Does it make a sound?
And if a blind girl takes a picture,
Will an image be found?
I think I see my cowboy man-
Or is it just an image on the drive-in screen?
I think I see my paddy man-
Or are my eyes just seeing green?

With my camera strapped 'round my neck
Not in my neck of the woods
Always one step back, just one step back
One step back from what is good

Lead me blind-man-bluff-style where you wanna go
Since you seem to know your way
Through handkerchief eyes I spy a glow
But what you can't see you can't remember anyway
I suspect we're at a clearing now
Imagine a snapshot in my head
Where what was green has now aged to brown
And still reeks of what I should've said


To play the game or watch the play, it's a tough sell
But I get a funny feeling I bought this blindfold myself

Someone told me that beauty surrounds me
But I have yet to catch the sight
Of this supposed pretty scenery
Then again, I'm just awake at night